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Overview of TBADK's Services

Tax, Business and Da Kine was founded to fulfill a need of balancing the sometimes conflicting needs of legal, tax and business issues in forming and developing a business. 

Of late, however, most of the time of Mark Beatty has been litigating Civil Rights in federal Court. See Press Releases for more information.

TBADK can help our business clients by:

TBADK is especially committed to representing plaintiffs whose Constitutional Rights have been violated by State or City Defendants.

  • Litigation against government agencies (such as the State and any City) for discrimination, retaliation for whistle blowers, or violation of Constitutional Rights
  • Litigation against the Hawaii Department of Education for an unsafe environment or hindering parents from seeking quality educational opportunities for their children

Contact Information

Telephone (808) 247-1685

Postal address P.O. Box 5465 Kaneohe, Hawaii 96744

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Elaboration of Tax and Legal Services

     1) We Provide Tax Preparation and Tax Representation

      If you need someone to do your taxes, Please consider us!

Click Here for Tax Information

     2) We Provide Business Consultation

      Many business hire a consultant who cannot integrate legal and tax issues. Most people who hire an attorney do so only after they encounter legal problems and then they receive narrow and limited information for a high cost. Tax Business and Da Kine (TBADK) is Positively Different!

  • We look at the complete Business Value Chain and integrate it with Legal and Tax Principles 
  • We provide extensive information that is integrated and applied for a moderate, if not bargain price.
  • We help prevent legal problems by preventive analysis of one's comprehensive legal situation.

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     3) We Provide "Da Kine" Legal Services

      "Da Kine" is Hawaii Creole English for, among other things, "whatever." Being licensed  in Hawaii to Practice Law in Hawaii, we are able to represent clients in the whole realm of legal needs. We can represent clients in such a broad spectrum because we have extensive formal training (See About Us ), some experience, maintaining extensive database resources for research, and alliances with attorneys with specialized knowledge. HOWEVER, we primarily limit our present legal representation to the following areas:

  • Civil Rights Clients: When a government agency has hurt a person and/or denied them of their constitutional rights, we represent clients who have been hurt (the plaintiffs) to hold those government agencies accountable.
  • Lobbying the Legislature: We will lobby the legislature for clients who want to support or oppose bills being considered by legislative bodies.

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     4) International Business Representation

      Primarily, we can help companies or individuals who desire to do business in Vietnam or Vietnamese companies and individuals who need research or representation about Taxes, Business and Law in the United States.

      TBADK cung lam viec cho nguoi can mot Luat Su biet noi tieng Viet. Xin viet email hay la goi dien thoai de tim hieu nhieu hon. 

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Disclaimer about "Legal Advice" in this Website:

Legal advice involves applying legal principles to a client's situation. This website contains only legal principles. Deciding which principles to apply and applying them correctly constitutes legal advice.  We need to analyze your situation before any of these legal principles can be considered legal advice. 

Contact Information: Send all questions about our legal and business consultation services to TBADK. You can also call us at (808) 247-1685.

TBADK copyrights all information in this website. "TBADK" and "Tax, Business and Da Kine" are trademarks and cannot be used by others without the owner's consent.