Overcome Challenges, Develop Opportunities

Every business has a variety of challenges and opportunities. Some of these are known to the owner(s), others are waiting to be found. We can help you find them and implement changes to address them. We can help you identify legal and business challenges that might otherwise destroy your business. We can help you identify opportunities and offer suggestions on how to implement changes to turn the opportunities into profits.

The areas to be covered below are areas that our staff has experience in and are actively researching. We use cutting edge Business Programs and Legal Database resources to make our time working for your very productive.

Primary Reasons to Choose TBADK

Our central product is integrating business development within the limits of the law and being able to discuss your business and legal challenges in the context of attorney-client confidentiality. We start analyzing your business from the theoretical perspective of "value chain for competitive advantage" most closely associated with Michael Porter.

What You Will Get for $1,800

Scope of Analysis

Legal Issues to Evaluate

TBADK will evaluate approximately 100 different legal issues that might affect your business, to include:

Business Issues to Evaluate

TBADK will examine the complete value chain of your business and analyze such issues as:

Tax Issues to Evaluate

Security and Crime Prevention

Information Technology

For Real? Do I get all this?

We think so. We have experience doing this kind of research. Every business and every client is different, and therefore, each will have different priorities. We estimate we will spend about 80 hours on each client. We figure, however, that the research we do will apply to several clients. We can justify, therefore, spending additional time researching some detailed areas of business, law or tax.

What you do not get

*These services can be provided for an additional charge. Our hourly fee is $150.00, though our business analysis clients may qualify for a discount on these services.