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      On May 30, 2005 Joanna Kim bought what she thought would be a wonderful apartment at the Executive Center. Instead she was subject to a mold invested nightmare. The purpose of this webpage is to investigate whether others who live at the Exectutive Center have experiences mold as well. The Executive Center association has claimed that "The problems associated with your client�s apartment have not been reported in other units.." we hope that others will contact us to report problems in other units.

      In particular, please help us gather information on the following:

        There has ever been mold in your unit (see website for examples);

        Whether you or your family has a pattern of sickness (see website);

        Whether you have experienced a pattern of denial and blame when contacting the association;

        If anyone is aware of why Donald Setsuo Tagawa died in unit 1011?

      The following information is provided to help all readers get a better understanding of the danger of mold, identify the presence of mold, and be aware of sicknesses which might have been caused by mold.


Sicknesses Caused by Mold  

           Joanna describes some of her sicknesses as following:

    I have gotten sick a couple times where I was coughing up very strange colored mucus all the while being pregnant. I would have anxiety attacks to where I would feel a sense of helplessness and even depression. I would feel very tired and even if I had slept for 12+ hours, I would still feel the need to lay down. I would get upset and moody because my sinus was constantly clogged along with headaches in the frontal lobe and headaches in the back of my head (occipital area). I had a loss in appetite and often times would skip meals because of all the conditions above. I would also have a loss of energy and would feel better at work then at home. My unit was used as a home not an office.

    Mfianc�e would have nasal congestion, irritated/itchy nose, red/watery eyes, feeling of claustrophobia, soft stool (diarrhea), hard time breathing and coughing because of itchy throat.   

    Friends would tell me that I wasn't looking too happy and I seemed sickly. As it turns out, I have been living with the mold probably for the entire time I have owned my unit which started from 5/30/05.

Links to other information about Mold

    The following links lead to websites with more information on mold and the effects it can have on one's life:


Reports by Joanna's Experts

      Joanna hired Barry M. Wong of Building Specs Hawaii, LLC who gave the Mold Report which refers to the Lab Report.

      Joanna hired Robert J Thomas, Jr., P.E. who produced the Remediation Report.


Reports by the Association's "Expert" 

     The association hired Jason Princenthal who gave the following report. This documents includes an introductory two page letter by the Association's attorney. We are interested if anyone else at the executive center was accused of:

  1. "unauthorized" remodeling ;
  2. failure to clean their house;
  3. failure to run their air conditioner?

Please contact us if you experienced similar treatment by the AOAO.


Pictures of Mold in Joanna's Apartment

     Joanna describes the mold as: This would include mold spores flying in the air (which are invisible) and green and white mold found on furnishings, shoes, clothes and flooring/carpet. Below are pictures of the mold in Joanna's apartment and in the lanai where the mold started.

The following 66 pictures are from Joanna's apartment and lanai. The mold in some might be hard to see, while others are quite obvious. Look, however, at the white "dust" and puddles of water and think of these in terms of the Mold and Lab reports by Barry M. Wong.  We would appreciate you informing us if you have these problems as well.

Pictures of the House


MoldyDividers1 MoldyDividers2 MoldyDividers3 MoldyDividers4 Unoppened_BoxesMold
TornUpFloor MoldUnderFloor GreenMoldonFloor1 GreenMoldonFloor2 MoldOnGlue Moldy_Floor
MoldBubble MoldBubble2 Mold_Bulge Drooping_Mold_Bulge

Pictures of Lanai

Moldy_Water LanaiPond LanaiPond2 LanaiPond3 LanaiWater1 LanaiWater2
NoDrainLanai NoDrainLanai2 MoldlyLanaiWater1 MoldlyLanaiWater2
Moldy_Cement More_MoldyCement Broken_Rusty_Plaster PealingWallLanai MoldUnderPaint2 MoldUnderLanaiPaint
Pipe Pipe_Wires_Pond LanaiPipeandWires PipeforElectricity

Pictures of Shoes

Shoes BlackMoldShoes1 BlackMoldShoes2 GreenMoldShoes WhiteMoldShoes WhiteMoldShoes2


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