Do you Want to Make your "Under the Table" Business Legal?

If you have an "Under the Table" business and want to make it legal, we can help you.

Examples of "under the table" is having an employee for whom you to not pay taxes. Though this might benefit you in the short run, it can cause severe problems in the long run and even put you out of business and cause you to lose every penny you have earned.

For example, what if you have an uninsured employee working "under the table" and the uninsured employee slips and falls and wins a law suit against you for one million with punitive damages of ten million because you did not make your location safe and showed bad faith in not buying the required workers compensation coverage? That would hurt.

Importance of Client Confidentiality

If you have been running a business under the table, we can help you and you do not have to fear about us turning you in. You have constitutional rights that protect you. When you talk to a licensed attorney that attorney can (almost)* never get you in trouble with the law. You can tell the attorney all the illegal things and nasty things you have done and the attorney has an obligation to keep them all confidential. Now this is the source of all sorts of distain toward lawyers, but consider the benefit to you if you find yourself in this situation.

We at TBADK like people who have done illegal and nasty things--only if they want to change the direction of their life. Dr. Mark S. Beatty spends some of his pro bono time at the River of Life Legal Clinic helping people who have dug themselves into a deep pit. If you want to reenter society and participate legally and in good faith, we invite you contact us for a consultation. 


*An example of where an attorney is not bound to confidentiality is when someone does something that will cause another future harm. In this case attorneys might have the obligation to report their clients to the authorities.