Information Technology

Any 21st Century business should consider the role that information technology could play in one's business. As part of our LBT Analysis, Tax Business and Da Kine (TBADK) will provide a preliminary analysis of the role IT can play in your business. 

Information Technology Skills

Our Information Technology Skills were developed through the MBA program, working on a ten month data base development project, sitting in on ITM and ICS classes at The University of Hawaii at Manoa, and a lot of self study. These IT skills were used to develop this website and the website of Everything Tailor, the other business that Mark Beatty, is pursuing.

Continuing research is being done in this area and we are considering hiring an expert that will allow us to expand our products in this area.

An Informational Website

TBADK can offer developing a limited informational website to those who purchase our BLT Analysis package. We envision this will consist of about six or so pages and provide an email link to our customers. The customer will have to purchase a internet provider that matches our software development tools.


Why would a law firm offer to write a Website?