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Why Choose TBADK for your Taxes

  • Mark Beatty has both an MBA and JD degree; has done many complex taxes; and his political activities help him understand the intent of the taxes
  • We are members of the National Association of Tax Professionals  and keep up to date on the latest tax changes
  • We use Tax Wise, considered by many to be the best for complex taxes.
  • The IRS has granted our firm Authorized e-file Provider Status
  • We have advance training in Tax Law and Business Issues
  • We can do complex taxes -- LLC, Partnerships, C-Corps, Clergy, S-Corps, Trusts
  • We are efficient and thus REASONABLY PRICED

    We are committed to providing superior service

    for a comparable if not better price

    on all complex taxes

    We will beat H&R Block's prices by 10%

  • Getting Started is Easy

    Provide TBADK a brief description of your taxes either in an E-mail or by calling 808 247-1685. We can usually give a new customer a price quote based on either last years taxes or the complexity if you have never had your taxes professionally prepared.


         1) 10% off you H&R Block from Last Year

          If  H&R Block did your taxes last year, and your taxes this year are substantially the same, send us a copy of last year's taxes and a receipt and we will charge you 10% less than H&R Block did last year. We are willing to beat H&R Block's prices.

         2) Other Prices

          Prices are based on the complexity of the taxes. After a brief phone consultation, TBADK can give you the general price range based on last years taxes* or a general description of the type and complexity** of the taxes. Our prices include Federal, State, and, if possible, e-filing your returns.***

          *Having last year's taxes makes it easier to do your taxes--also sometimes information must match between consecutive years.

          **Tax preparation are most costly with things like many stock trades, complex rental properties or businesses, complex depreciation, complex business expenses.

          ***We are willing to beat H&R Block on all tax preparation.

    Mail your Taxes to TBADK

    In this world of crowded roads, and $3 a gallon gas, you can avoid all time and expense by simply mailing copies of your documents to Mark Beatty as follows:

    • Email or call TBADK at 808 247-1685 for a price quote. 
    • Make copies of all your documents (we do not need originals)
    • Mail your tax information to P.O. Box 5465 Kaneohe, Hawaii 96744.
    • Mark Beatty will pick them up, crunch the numbers on his tax software, call you with any questions, problems, or options, and send you a print out or verification form. All finished documents will be available in PDF format.
    • If you want your taxes e-filed, sign the verification form and return it to TBADK 
    • If you want to send in your own taxes, review the forms and mail them to the IRS and the Hawaii State Tax Department.

    Additional Reasons to Choose TBADK

    • If we see any legal or business issues we can recognize them and bring them to your attention at no additional cost.
    • By doing your taxes we will have a factual introduction to your business and/or personal needs. This will allow us to provide discounts for further legal or business services.
    • It is often good to have an attorney who you know and trust when emergencies arise, when you get tossed in jail, get sued, get hurt, and/or need to make an important decision with limited time. Though we might not be the best attorneys to represent you in any of the above issues, we would know enough about you to give you emergency advice, and you would know enough about us to decide whether to take the advice.

    Why Combine the Perspective of Law, Business, and Tax Preparation?

    •  If you hired a business consultant only, he/she might miss preventive legal issues that could cost you your business in a law suit or cost you your reputation in the community because you harmed someone.
    •  If you hired only a lawyer you might end up with a bunch of fancy documents, a large bill, and no recognizable progress toward business practices that actually make you money.
    •  If you hired only a tax consultant, you might have some ideas about how to structure your business to get the most deductions but deductions are of little use if the business is not profitable.
    •  If you are a small business with limited resources, how would you pay for three experts, and what if the three experts contradicted each other?


    Information Needed for Tax Preparation

    In order for us to do your taxes we will need the documents about your income, expenses and taxes paid. When we identify other missing documents or documents that would support beneficial deductions, we will contact you and discuss what we need. If we are not able to gather all the documents or information before April 15, we can conveniently file an extension for you. 

    Information includes:

    • W-2 income
    • Retirement income
    • Depreciable property
    • Household employees
    • Dependent care expenditures
    • Retirement plan contributions
    • Capital gains
    • Schedule C business income and expenses
    • Employee business expenses, including employee home office expense
    • Direct deposit of refunds
    • Electronic Filing options
    • Sale of personal residence
    • Installment sales
    • Schedule E rental income and expenses, including vacation home information
    • Schedule F farm income and expenses
    • Form 4835 farm rental income and expenses
    • Car and truck expenses
    • Itemized deductions, such as property taxes and contributions

    (This list from ProSeries software at )

    Su Phuc Vu cho Nguoi Viet Nam 

         TBADK cung lam viec cho nguoi can mot Luat Su biet noi tieng Viet. Xin viet email hay la goi dien thoai de tim hieu nhieu hon. 

    Disclaimer about "Legal Advice" in this Website:

    Legal advice involves applying legal principles to a client's situation. This website contains only legal principles. Deciding which principles to apply and applying them correctly constitutes legal advice.  We need to analyze your situation before any of these legal principles can be considered legal advice. 

    Contact Information

    (808) 247-1685
    Postal address
    P.O. Box 5465 Kaneohe, Hawaii 96744
    Electronic mail
    General Information: Contact TBADK

    Contact Information: Send all questions about our legal and business consultation services to TBADK. You can also call us at (808) 247-1685.

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